Vigyan Ashram took initiative to promote rural enterprise development in different regions of Maharashtra with co-ordination of regional Education Institutes and Colleges. In this approach I.T.I. Ghodegaon took step a head to motivate their students to take part in Rural Development Meetup organized in college itself through Vigyan Ashram.

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With co-ordination of Govt. I.T.I. college Ghodegaon, Vigyan Ashram Pabal (A center of Indian Institute of Education) is organizing meetup for Ruarl Entrepreneurship developmemnt for local and nearby peoples. To spread word about existing opportunities for new emerging enterpreneurs in sector of technology transfere with technolgy incubation method.
Session will Include:
1) Networking Among Individuals.
2) Technology Incubation and Support By Vigyan Ashram.
3) Q n A

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Contact Details:
Govt. I.T.I. 02133203225
Mr. Vadvekar Ravindra Dagdu (Prffesor I.T.I.) +91-9822878478
Mr. Mandle Datta Jayvant (Prffesor I.T.I.) +91-9822335288
Er. Pawan Soni (Program Manager Vigyan Ashram) +91-8109483130

Agro-one Exibition Snaps of Vigyan Asram’s participation for Intorduction to Rural Technology and Entrepreneurship Acceleration.

Agre Entrepreneurship