Welcome to Vigyan Ashram’s Rural Entrepreneurship Accelerator. This program is design to enhance the rural entrepreneurship at regional level to provide livelihood source & enhance quality of life of local peoples, by providing  resources consisting various technologies and hand holding support of different organization as like :

logo_003This Program conducted by STED have created awareness among S&T persons to take up entrepreneurship as a career. The academicians and researchers have started taking a keen interest in such socially relevant roles and have engaged themselves in several programmes initiated by STED. As like Vigyan Ashram about 100 organisations, most of which are academic institutions and voluntary agencies, were drafted in the task of entrepreneurship development and employment generation. The project envisages matching of the material and the human resources of the district to create new enterprises and employment by usage of Science & Technology processes. It involves identification of opportunities through a detailed scientific survey and exploitation of the opportunities thus identified by the entrepreneurs. Currently the STED project is being implemented in 43 districts of the country.

download (1)Praj Foundation conceives innovative projects that serves the Foundation’s objectives and implements these projects with the help of voluntary agencies and other organizations. Praj Foundation also works towards setting protocols and monitoring of projects and carries out impact analysis of all the projects.  Praj Foundation( PF) focuses on creating replicable model Praj CSR takes it further to implement these projects on larger scale. To contribute towards Sustainable Development by developing and implementing innovative ideas in the focus areas thereby improving the quality of life of all the stakeholders is the approach followed.

RangDEThe name draws inspiration from India’s struggle for independence. Rang-De believe that a similar movement with the same kind of urgency is required to address poverty in India. The words ‘rang de’ also denote colour and exuberance and that is the impact we want our efforts to have on the people we reach out to. Rang-De is crowdfunding platform along with Micro financer which provide financial support to micro  enterprises and new Ideas to convert it into businesses with technology incubation with Vigyan Ashram.

downloadVigyan Ashram is a center of Indian Institute Of Education (IIE) Pune. A scientist turned educationalist Late Dr.S.S.Kalbag started Vigyan Ashram in 1983 to find out solution to the problems in education.
For us “Vigyan” means ‘Search of Truth’ and “Ashram” symbolises ‘Simple living and High thinking for us, a organization where all are equal, it’s a modern version of old Gurukul system’.

Entrepreneurship Support Structure

  • Guiding enthusiastic young men and women to start their own business
  • New Business creation or Expansion of existing business
  • Field Support and Hand-holding of one business cycle for the success of our entrepreneurs
  • Evaluation of business opportunities
  • Business Plan Creation & Cash Flow Statement
  • Assisting in Sales & Marketing
  • Rural Technology Skills Training for Business Development
  • Soft-skills training to improve your business
  • Provide linkage with funding agencies
  • Business Development Services for advancement of rural technology research and incubation

Selection Procedures

  • Complete Application Form
  • Phone Interview
  • Face-to-face Interview
  • Visit to Vigyan Ashram-Pabal or Pune
  • Site Visit
  • Business Evaluation
  • Priority to those with Aptitude & Enthusiasm
  • Priority to those with limited financial support

Transparency and Trust

We have vested interest in our stakeholders. Our stakeholders are students, instructors, entrepreneurs, funders and technology partners, SHG (Self-Help Groups), and local rural communities. We are accountable to our stakeholders to uphold our performance in a wider context of sustainability. All our stakeholders are interconnected and interdependent for the combine efforts of economic improvement and social impact for the individual entrepreneur and their rural communities.